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I do my best to make music that will make you feel emotional, I use only the best software and hardware to make it happen. My music is free to download for all your games, videos or even small movies, just give me credit where needed. Thank you.

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Posted by SentinalMusicInc - June 1st, 2019

I will be taking a long break from Newgrounds and making music for quite some time, I have no clue as to which I will return, I just recently lost my younger brother in a car accident on May 29, at 8:23 PM, the doctors tried everything they can, but he didn't make it, he passed away at the hospital. I dont know what to do anymore, he was the only one there for me, he was my brother and my best friend...



Posted by SentinalMusicInc - April 22nd, 2019

Welp, my 50th song special is out! Check it out! I been working on it for Easter, I couldn't announce it yesterday since i was spending time with my family so yeah. Please tell me what you think about!


Posted by SentinalMusicInc - April 11th, 2019

This one will be a rather...Fascinating...Song. I will not upload any music until then, i want to it to be just the perfect song for this occasion, I will make, edit, re-edit, and make it perfect until then for all my listeners. Don't worry, the wait will be worth it, trust me! :)


Posted by SentinalMusicInc - March 15th, 2019

In honor of my new favorite girl, Filo, I have made a song in honor of our new feathered friend! Check it out! I think you'll love it, also, my other latest track "Post-Apocalyptic New York" is finally finished, it was a song i been working on a long time ago, that i have completely forgotten about, the original being called "Apocalyptic New York(Preview)" was just a "sample" ..An unfinished one at that...But I finally got back to it again, cleaned it up, and my friend KrugerSFX helped me "refine" the song to some extent and also made the song longer too.This will give you that "Escape From New York" movie vibe, if you have ever seen that movie, I've seen it with my dad awhile back...Ah the memories...Anyway! I am going to be more active in my music, i have been having a slow decline in music since I been having problems with money and my life and whatnot...But that's getting better now actually, i'm not going to let something like that bring me down!
Well, anyway, please give my 2 new latest songs a listen and tell me what you fellows think! :)